This week, "Complex Live" links up with Indiana Pacers guard Victor Oladipo to hear about his winding road in the pros and his new music. Host Speedy Mormon joins the 25-year-old at the Pacers' practice facility, where he opened up about what it's like to be back in Indiana -- where he went to college -- playing for the third team in his NBA career, and his new R&B EP, Songs for You, which is out now. 

We also catch up with rapper Mims, who's now making waves in the tech world a decade removed from his No. 1 hit "This Is Why I'm Hot." After fading away from the spotlight, he's reemerged with a new app, called Record Gram, which aims to be a platform for artist discovery -- and has already had some major successes. And, we're in Bronx at a donation drive where hundreds of residents -- including Fat Joe, who donated trucks to ship goods -- are lending a helping hand after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and an earthquake rocked Mexico.

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This Week's Episode by the Minute: 

  • Victor Oladipo: 1:45
  • Mims and Record Gram: 8:10
  • Hurricane Maria Donation Drive:  12:20