Magic Johnson has sent out dozens and dozens of instantly regrettable tweets on Twitter since signing up for the social media site back in February 2011. But there’s one tweet, in particular, that he probably regrets above all the others.

The former Lakers great and current Lakers president of basketball operations has been subpoenaed in the state of Michigan as part of a civil lawsuit that Warriors star Draymond Green is involved in right now. Green was accused of assaulting a man outside of a restaurant in East Lansing, Michigan back in July 2016. And apparently, Green spoke about the alleged incident with Magic after it happened and was apologetic during their discussion, which led to Magic posting this tweet a short time later:

That tweet is now the reason Magic has been subpoenaed in Green’s civil suit. Magic has reportedly been asked to testify on Oct. 4 at the Lakers’ practice facility in Los Angeles, and according to ESPN, he has agreed to offer his testimony.

Green was arrested in July 2016 for allegedly slapping Jermaine Edmondson, a former Michigan State football player, and originally faced the possibility of serving up to 90 days in jail. But he eventually reached a plea deal that reduced the charges against him down to a noise violation and a civil infraction, which meant that he got off with simply paying a little more than $500 in fines.

However, Green could end paying a lot more than that if Edmondson’s civil suit against him is successful. And the tweet that Magic sent could conceivably end up costing him quite a bit of money. Magic and Green share a connection in that they both attended Michigan State and played college basketball there before entering the NBA. But you have to think that Green wishes Magic would have kept his Twitter fingers to himself on the day he decided to comment on his legal situation on social media.