Late last week, Lil B threatened to put his dreaded Based God’s Curse on Lonzo Ball after he referred to Nas as irrelevant and said Migos and Future are "real hip-hop." But does the Lakers rookie sound worried about it to you?

On Friday, Ball—who surprised some people by dropping a "Free Smoke" freestyle in May that was actually not terrible—released his first official rap single. It’s called "Melo Ball 1," a nod to his brother LaMelo’s new $395 Big Baller Brand signature sneakers, and it’s the same song that was playing in the background in LaMelo’s Melo Ball 1 commercial that was released in late August.

It’s also the same song that Lonzo performed at LaMelo’s 16th birthday party in early September. He teased the single’s release on Twitter on Thursday night before it hit iTunes.

If you were expecting to hear Lonzo clap back at Lil B on the song, you’re going to be disappointed. The entire track is, more or less, an ode to LaMelo with Lonzo dropping bars like, "Born to ball, that’s just what it is/I’m a king, little bro a prince/Throwing racks and you throwing fits/How you hating and you banging this?"

You can take a listen for yourself here.

After Lonzo dropped his "Free Smoke" freestyle earlier this year, we caught up with rapper DC the Don, who was also featured on the track, and asked him how serious Lonzo really is about launching a rap career. He downplayed the idea of him ever taking it too seriously, but this song—released just weeks before the Lakers are set to start training camp—would suggest otherwise. It sure sounds like Lonzo is going to try and make this rapping thing happen.