In case they haven't beaten you over the head with it enough by now, the Ball family is all about their brand. Big Baller Brand may be the most absurd name for a luxury brand you've ever heard in your life, but that has not stopped them from peddling sneakers and new gear at every possible juncture.

Their latest effort to corner the market is a push to market signature sneakers for LaMelo Ball, the high schooler who is just as famous for his terrible shot selection as he is scoring 90+ points in a single game. LaVar Ball has been defiant despite possible backlash from the NCAA, and rather than back down from selling the shoe, the Ball family threw a big party over the weekend to celebrate the release of LaMelo's first signature shoe.

But the shoe might not be the biggest headline from the weekend. Big brother Lonzo Ball showed up to the release party, and the part-time rapper decided to get behind the mic and assist in turning up the party. His performance was nothing special, but the song he participated in definitely is—it sounds like there is a Big Baller Brand theme song, because of fucking course there is.

If LaVar has any say on the matter, you'll be hearing the words, "Triple B's in this thang," over and over again on a television and radio station near you. They may want to switch up the performers on this one if it's a route they want to pursue; Lonzo isn't the worst rapper in the world, but his stage presence is a little lacking here.

If the response on social media is any indication, the public would like the Big Baller Theme to die an early, fiery death. 

I won't be the first or last person to say this, but let's hope Lonzo is putting in as much work preparing for the upcoming NBA season as he is at building his family's brand. If you're going to attack a hip-hop legend at the same time you're offering up this weak shit, maybe just keep it all to yourself.