Not all heroes wear capes, but some wear hoodies. During Oklahoma City Thunder media day, Carmelo Anthony showed up wearing a charcoal hoodie under his new OKC jersey. If there were any questions about "Hoodie Melo" going with Anthony to the Thunder, we got our answer pretty quickly. 

As Anthony fielded questions from the media, one reporter had the audacity to suggest the idea of Melo coming off the bench. "Who me?" he asked in disbelief.

Does this reporter know Hoodie Melo's NBA2K18 rating? 

After regaining his composure following the biggest laugh he's had in probably years, Hoodie Melo responded, "I don't know where that started, where that came from. Aye P, they said I gotta come off the bench!" 

Later on, Anthony revealed the origins of Hoodie Melo. "It started with a beanie, like I was just in the gym and I didn't have a haircut, and I was like, 'I'm just gonna go and throw a hat on. I wanted to sweat, and I just started working back out in the summer," he explained. "From there, it went to a hoodie and it got out, and the phenomenon started."

"For me, it was just about showing a different focus that I have, a different motivation, and just locking in to what I have to do. And locking myself into the gym, and locking myself into focusing in on my body," Hoodie Melo continued. "Because I didn't know what was going to happen. It was so much going on that was surrounding me that I just wanted to find a way that I can just focus in, and that's when Hoodie Melo was created."