The first leg of a four city press tour for the August 26 Mayweather-McGregor fight took place on Tuesday afternoon, and the thing was completely bonkers—even more so than you might have expected.

McGregor took the podium first, and in front of a Los Angeles crowd that was very favorable to him, he dropped several f-bombs and mocked Mayweather's choice of clothing (calling it a "fucking track suit") before saying he couldn't afford a suit (undoubtedly an allusion to this). Conor also guaranteed he'd knock Floyd unconscious within four rounds, a pretty crazy claim (even for McGregor) considering Mayweather is a well publicized 49-0 in his pro career. "He is fucked. No other way about it," the Irishman said. "I'm going to knock him out inside four rounds. Mark my words." He also said he was wearing a custom "Fuck you" pinstripe suit which, uh, turned out not be a joke:

After a few more minutes of impromptu trash talking, he sat down and ceded the mic to Mayweather.

If you were expecting Mayweather to take the high road, you'd be wrong. The 40-year-old boxer gave a speech that was somehow even more profane than McGregor's. Among the highlights was Mayweather calling Conor a "seven-figure fighter," while calling himself a "nine-figure" one. Floyd also said that "on August 26, I'm going to knock this bitch out too," to which McGregor responded "You haven't knocked anyone out in about 20 years."

Mayweather also said he'd be willing to wear 4 oz. MMA gloves, though we don't actually expect that to happen. In a further eyebrow raising claim, he added that he'd fight McGregor anywhere, saying he didn't care if it was an octagon, to which Conor responded "Don't be talking shit—you do give a fuck if it's an octagon." Towards the end, he egged on the crowd, asking if they wanted him to fight McGregor right there, though he said he'd hold off to do it for next month's big payday.

At some point McGregor's mic appeared to have been cut, allowing Floyd to trash talk unabated (in fairness, he didn't talk when Conor did. But it was entertaining to watch McGregor respond).

The press tour will continue over the next three days, including Wednesday in Toronto, Thursday in Brooklyn, and Friday in London. If today's any indication, it'll probably be worth tuning into. Just keep the volume low if you're at work and don't have headphones.