Clippers fans are absolutely ecstatic right now. Last night, their team was able to convince DeAndre Jordan to re-sign with them for four more years, which re-opens the championship window that was slammed shut last week when DJ initially decided that he wanted to take his talents to Dallas to play for the Mavericks. So it's a good day for Clips fans.

It's a bad day, the worst of days even, for Mavs fans. They went from "Hmmm…we might be able to make some noise next season" to "So do you think Mark Cuban was serious about all that tanking talk?" in a matter of just hours. And no one is more upset about it than the guy in the video above.

Now, we know that you've probably heard angry fans go on rants on YouTube before, but this guy really went in and crossed several lines in the process. Here's just a sample of what you can expect when you press play (which, by the way, you should NOT do if you're at work!):

On Jordan: "You fucked our team this year! You fucked our team for years to come! What you did was detrimental to the season for us. WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?"

On Blake Griffin: "You're a sad, pathetic, and broken man inside…YOU OVERGROWN, UGLY, CARROT-LOOKING MOTHERFUCKER!"

On Chris Paul: "If I ever see you in the street, you're getting a boot right to the face. You and your stupid kid! I'd rather watch Riley Curry than your dumb-ass son!"

On Doc Rivers: "Paul George cheated on your ugly-ass daughter. You're a shitty father and your kid doesn't deserve to be in the NBA, and your daughter doesn't deserve to be dating an NBA player."

Okay then! Is anyone surprised that this guy's name is "Captain Jackass" on YouTube? You're doing way too much here, dude.

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