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— Philadelphia 76ers (@sixers) May 17, 2017

It stands to reason that the team of the NBA’s Twitter GOAT, Joel Embiid, would have a good social media crew, and @Sixers doesn’t disappoint. Philadelphia’s account perfectly melds silly with serious and was able to make even the post-Embiid doldrums of the 2016-17 season enjoyable for Sixers fans. And basically everything they do is on point:

When the picks swap. #NBADraftLottery

— Philadelphia 76ers (@sixers) May 17, 2017

Happy Mother's Day! 💋

— Philadelphia 76ers (@sixers) May 14, 2017

"That’s our award. It comes through Philadelphia.”

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— Philadelphia 76ers (@sixers) April 9, 2017

Plus, they’re super quick with highlights, funny in-arena stuff and photos:

#NBAVote Joel Embiid with the @TripleH @WWE entrance 😳🤘🏼

— Philadelphia 76ers (@sixers) January 14, 2017

The Homie has that effect.

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— Philadelphia 76ers (@sixers) January 26, 2017

Three angles of that JoJo block for your viewing pleasure.

— Philadelphia 76ers (@sixers) November 20, 2016

We can’t wait to see what they do when the team actually starts winning games…