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Early Friday morning, People revealed that Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn have broken up. And that seems like it should be a sad thing, doesn’t it? The couple had been together for three years and looked they were headed for marriage at one point, so it doesn’t feel like them calling it quits would be a cause for celebration.

But—surprise!—that isn’t stopping people from having a field day with their breakup online. There are a few people here and there who sound like they're genuinely upset to hear that Rodgers and Munn have ended their relationship. But for the most part, people are finding the silver lining in the split, at least as it pertains to their own interests. And they’re celebrating it for the most ridiculous reasons.

Here’s why some people were ecstatic to find out about the split…

They Think It Will Help the Packers Win a Super Bowl Next Season

Aaron Rodgers celebrates a win over the Cowboys.
Image via USA TODAY Sports/Matthew Emmons

Over the last three seasons, Packers fans have taken to Twitter early and often after Green Bay losses to blame Munn for Rodgers’ struggles. It didn’t matter that, more often than not, it was the Packers’ defense that was to blame. They wanted Rodgers to break up with Munn immediately so that he could get back to his winning ways. And now that Rodgers and Munn are over, many Green Bay fans are already predicting a Super Bowl for Rodgers and the Packers in 2017.

They Think It Will Help Their Team Win a Super Bowl (or at Least Games Against the Packers) Next Season

Bears fans celebrate a successful play.
Image via USA TODAY Sports/Matt Marton

While many Packers fans think Rodgers will play significantly better now that he’s no longer dating Munn, there are some opposing fans who aren’t so sure that will be the case. There are some who are pointing out that Rodgers won’t be at his best next season because of the breakup and others tossing out before/after Munn stats to show that their teams were better against Rodgers before he started dating Munn. Bears fans in particular seem optimistic following the Rodgers/Munn news.

Also, as a bonus, we have to mention the way the Chicago Tribune chose to cover the breakup:

So savage.

They Think It Will Allow Rodgers to Reunite With His Family

Aaron Rodgers watches a Bucks game.
Image via USA TODAY Sports/Robert Deutsch

Rodgers has been estranged from his family for quite some time now. And while it’s unclear if Munn played a role in that, many people are now assuming that he’ll be able to reunite with his parents and brothers following the breakup. That might not actually be the case. But his family problems were cited as another source of strife for him in recent years that led to on-field struggles. So plenty of people are excited about the possibility of his family reunion.

They Think Rodgers Will Sign on to Become the Next Bachelor

Aaron Rodgers watches an NBA game.
Image via USA TODAY Sports/Bob Donnan

Let’s get this out of the way: Rodgers, who kept his relationship with Munn pretty private, would never agree to go on The Bachelor. But that hasn’t stopped people from speculating about it, especially since his brother Jordan starred on the show and talked about his family’s fractured relationship with Aaron on it. They want to see Aaron upstage Jordan by appearing on his own season of ABC’s popular dating show.

They Think They Have a Chance With Munn Now

Olivia Munn at an NCC basketball game.
Image via USA TODAY Sports/Robert Hanashiro

Uhhhh…you guys have no chance with Olivia Munn. But keep on hoping and praying that she gets around to answering your DM.