Kevin Durant hasn’t played during the Warriors’ last two playoff games against the Trail Blazers due to a calf injury. But despite his absence, Golden State has won both of their matchups. Additionally, KD has managed to maintain a strong presence on social media despite the fact that he hasn’t suited up for the Warriors in more than a week now.

Shortly after Game 2 of the playoff series ended last Sunday, Twitter had a field day with a GIF that showed Draymond Green shouting at KD, and ever since, that GIF has received the meme treatment over and over and over again. Most memes come and go within a matter of just 24 hours, if that, but this one has taken on a life of its own and is still in heavy rotation for many people. They continue to send out tweets like these:

On Monday, KD released the second episode of "Still KD," his new YouTube-based show. And in it, he can be seen reacting to the meme that has taken over Twitter. You might not think that an NBA superstar like KD has time to keep up with all of the latest memes, but he clearly found a few minutes to scroll through some of the ones that feature Green shouting at him, and not surprisingly, he thinks they’re just as funny as everyone else does.

"This meme of me and Draymond is hilarious," he said in the episode, before showing it to the camera and reading one. "When your homie been lying to his girl all night and you help him get his story straight before he goes home."

You can check out the short "Still KD" episode, which also features KD talking about his calf injury, in the video above.