Chris Brown’s The Party Tour made a stop at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Sunday night, and 76ers rookie Ben Simmons was in attendance. After the show, Simmons made his way backstage, and at one point, he met up with Fabolous, who is one of the acts on the tour.

It looks like it was all smiles when they met, but on Sunday night, they each took a jab at the other on Instagram. Prior to their meeting, Fab must have made Simmons sit out in the hallway for a few minutes while he cooled down after his performance. Simmons then asked him about the wait once Fab finally appeared at the door to his dressing room. And that led Fab to post this on IG:

Fab said that he joked that Simmons, who sat out his entire rookie season with a foot injury, should be used to sitting and waiting by now. But as the rapper suggested, Simmons didn’t take too kindly to that joke. So at around the same time that Fab posted that on IG, Simmons posted a message of his own along with the same photo that Fab used:

This was obviously all done in good fun, and neither side seems all that bent out of shape about what the other said. But who do you think won this war of words?

Either way, it’s worth noting that Fab was way less playful in the caption he put up for another IG photo that featured him hanging out with boxer Danny Garcia:

Good move, man.