NHL players are notoriously tough. They’ll get a couple teeth knocked out, skate over to the bench to drop them off, and then keep right on playing. But on Thursday night, a Senators player suffered an injury that was so gruesome even he couldn’t stand to stick around and continue playing through it.

Late in the first quarter of Ottawa’s game against the Penguins, Marc Methot was skating down the ice when Pittsburgh star Sidney Crosby slashed him in the hand. If you’re ever seen the gloves that hockey players wear, you know that they’re pretty bulky. But Crosby managed to hit Methot so hard that he hacked off a piece of his finger. To his credit, Methot didn’t fall to the ground crying and screaming like we would have. But he did exchange some words with Crosby before quickly exiting the ice and making his way back to the locker room, presumably to cry and scream there.


Amazingly, Crosby did this and didn’t get whistled for a penalty. It certainly looked like he slashed Methot on purpose, and common sense would tell you that, if he swung hard enough to cut off his fingertip, he probably meant to do some damage. But the game’s referees didn’t see things that way, and neither did NHL officials. They have already come out and said that they won’t investigate the slash any further.

They didn't penalize or punish Crosby earlier this week, either, when he appeared to intentionally hit Sabres player Ryan O'Reilly in the groin with his stick:

So many NHL fans are, as you might imagine, pretty outraged over the way the league is handling Crosby:

Can’t say we blame them. How does chopping someone’s finger off not get you at least a fine?