It’s pretty rare to see LeBron James send out a string of tweets about the same subject. Every now and then, he’ll get locked into a big game on TV and tweet about it more than once. But for the most part, he tends to send out singular tweets on one topic before later moving on to a different one.

That was most definitely not the case on Sunday night when he strung together eight consecutive tweets over the course of about ten minutes. In the tweets, LeBron called out all of the high school basketball coaches out there for not pushing their players hard enough and said that he can’t just stand by and watch it happen anymore because of how much he loves the game. He started things off by giving a shout-out to his own St. Vincent–St. Mary High School coaches before telling coaches who "have their own agenda" when it comes to kids that it’s their job to give their players the tools they’ll need to be successful leaders later on in life.

Here are the tweets LeBron sent out:

It’s unclear what brought any of this on. LeBron has been tweeting about his former high school’s state championship run a lot in recent days:

So maybe that sparked the tweets. But something must have struck a chord with LeBron over the weekend, and it led to one of the more passionate Twitter rants we’ve ever seen from him.