The top-seeded Kansas Jayhawks were upset 74-60 in the NCAA Men’s Regional Final Saturday, and then the real fun began. The Lawrence, Kansas Police Department handed the Jayhawks an L of their own by sending out a savage tweet after the loss.

“Well, at least we have a lot of experience dealing with fans after an #Elite8 loss,” the tweet read. “Get home safely Jayhawk fans. #DriveSober.”

That mention of having “a lot of experience” would be a reference to Saturday’s defeat being the second straight year Kansas has lost in a regional final. The Jayhawks have also come up short in five of their past seven trips to the Elite Eight. Much like Saturday’s upset, Kansas was a No. 1 seed in four of those losses. So yeah, the Lawrence, Kansas Police may very well want KU fans to responsibly drink away their pain, but there was some clear trolling taking place. 

A quick trip through the Lawrence PD feed confirms the person running the account has jokes. Their twitter savagery knows no bounds, with drunken suspects, rival basketball teams, and sometimes even their own PD vehicles getting roasted.

This is also probably a good time to point out that KU won the NCAA championship in 2008, was a runner-up in 2012, and has had multiple players picked in the first round of the NBA Draft over that same time span.