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Is there an American League team out there looking to sign a designated hitter who can still hit with considerable power? If so, Barry Bonds may be the answer.

At 52, Bonds still appears very capable of swinging for the fences. While seeing a former major leaguer over the age of 50 knocking the ball around with ease is astounding, look at who we're talking about. In his last season in the MLB, a 42-year-old Bonds hit for a respectable .276 average and socked 28 homers as a member of the San Francisco Giants

Even if there was a team out there intrigued by the idea of signing Bonds, it may prove to be a difficult task because the seven-time National League MVP has found himself in a pretty good situation. Last week, Bonds joined his former club, the Giants, as a special advisor to CEO Larry Baer. After spending just one season as the hitting coach for the Miami Marlins, Bonds' new role could be less demanding, but ultimately, more rewarding for a player who spent his last 15 years in the majors in the Bay Area.

When it comes to Bonds, it's hard to talk about him without having the word "steroids" at least cross your mind. In fact, we could almost guarantee that while you witnessed him crushing the ball out of the park, there was a part of you that wondered if he could still be using, especially now that he's not getting regularly tested by the league. Sad but true. 

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