Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster was removed from the NFL combine late Friday night, and reports Saturday morning indicate the potential top pick got the boot for trying to big time a local hospital worker.

The initial word came down from ESPN's Adam Schefter on Friday evening, after he reported Foster was sent home due to an argument with a hospital worker. A spokesman for the NFL was initially mum on the subject, and claimed the Alabama product was being sent home for "personal reasons."

MMQB's Robert Klemko dove into the specifics on Saturday morning, sharing a more specific, reported version of what unfolded in Indianapolis:

This isn't a good look for Foster. The NFL scouting combine is one of the last places to impress potential employers, and prospects are expected to be on their best behavior while going through a battery of tests. They're looking for guys who are talented football players, but also men who will fit into their team culture. Interviews and background checks are a big part of the pre-draft process, and teams go to extreme lengths to get to know these guys as people.

To make matters worse, Foster's only real reason for being there was to ace the personality part of the combine. He's currently recovering from shoulder surgery, so he was not going to participate in any of the live drills taking place in Indianapolis. The Dick Butkus Award winner leaving the combine surrounded by attitude questions is a total failure on his part, and he'll have to rehab his image before the draft takes place at the end of April.