Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has never been the type of person to shy away from speaking his mind about the important issues impacting the country. Back in September, Kerr spoke candidly about the acts of police brutality surfacing seemingly every week, saying he hopes "every American is disgusted with what is going on."

During a press conference before Monday's game with the Cavaliers on Martin Luther King Day, Kerr reflected on how King's work is still relevant. "There’s definitely a divide right now," he said  "So I think today is full of significance in terms of reminding everybody to be compassionate, to be empathetic. I was looking at some of Martin Luther King’s quotes this morning, and one of them that I hadn’t seen before that was really simple and to the point was: 'We may have all come over here on different ships, but we came over on the same boat.' I thought that was really well said. It’s a reminder that we are all products of our environment, some of us much more fortunate than others."

Kerr reminded his audience to mirror King's actions, even though the country is divided. "I know from my own life, there’s no way I’d be sitting here without the family support that I had, upbringing that I had," he said. "So many people are left behind. So it’s critical for people to have compassion and have empathy and I’d hope during these times—with so much anger and divide [sic]—that we’d be reminded of that today.”

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