The 2017 NBA Finals are all but inevitable at this point. Golden State and Cleveland are locked in an arms race to push their title chances over the top, and the Cavaliers made the latest move, scooping Kyle Korver from the Hawks this morning.

Korver adds another shooter for LeBron James to kick to, which will only make Cleveland’s lineup more deadly. Cleveland was already top-two in made threes and three-point percentage before the move, and it’s going to look like a video game once the new guy gets there. At 35, Korver isn't the player he once was, but any contender would be overjoyed to add someone shooting almost 41 percent from three on the year.

It sounds great for Cleveland, not so much if you're cheering for one of the other 29 NBA teams. NBA Twitter has been out in full-force, panicking at the very thought of Korver waiting to collect passes from James and Kyrie Irving.

Fans and media aren't the only ones who think this seems unfair. Speaking to reporters at practice today, Bulls big man Taj Gibson let everyone know what he thought about the deal:

While everyone else is focused on the on-court impact of the move, Dwight Howard is in his own private Idaho, as per usual:

Never change, Dwight.

We'll have to wait and see if Korver's addition can help power the Cavs to back-to-back titles. At the very least, the trade is providing plenty of fuel for the haters. 

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