Before Big Boi made an appearance on SportsCenter on Friday afternoon, ESPN anchor Cari Champion discovered that he has a dog named Halle Berry. So she decided to ask the only logical question that you would ask someone with a dog that goes by that name during her interview with him: "You got a dog named Halle Berry. Is she bad—or is she boujee?"

Totally fair question! Just one problem: Halle Berry is actually—sniffle—neither. Because, well, she's dead. So that led to this incredibly awkward exchange between Cari and Big Boi:

Cari: You got a dog named Halle Berry. Is she bad—or is she boujee?

Big Boi: She’s dead.

Cari: Noooooo!

Big Boi: Yeah.

Cari: I did not know that! That is awful. I feel awful. I’m sorry.

Big Boi: Yeah. But I mean, that was my wife’s dog anyway. So I wasn’t attached to her like that.

Cari: Okay. No, my bad. That did not go well.

OMG. How painful was that?

And believe it or not, it actually got worse! Once the interview ended, Cari jumped on Twitter and acknowledged that the moment was awkward:

But she also sent out an "RIP Halle Berry" tweet that had more than a few people thinking that the real Halle Berry had died:

She eventually corrected herself by deleting that tweet and replacing it with this one:

But when she decided she was going to ask Big Boi a Migos-inspired question, she definitely didn’t expect it to backfire like that. Wow.