Pat McAfee is one of the NFL's funniest guys on Twitter. He's also hilarious for oddly declaring he skips the standard turkey on Thanksgiving, opting instead for pizza. But the Indianapolis Colts punter is also one of the most generous pro football players in the game. For the second straight year, McAfee has single-handedly cleared the balances due to 115 families through Indianapolis electric company IPL Power.

According to Fox59, McAfee paid off the electric bills of the families on Friday, Dec. 16. IPL Power tweeted their gratitude to McAfee for helping the slew of families in dire need to get through the holiday season.

One of the touching stories comes from a 58-year-old named Valerie Moore who received a phone call from a friend to notify her that someone was paying off several people's utility bills. Moore wasted no time to get to the IPL office to have his bill paid off. “All I could do was throw my hands up in the air and just give her the bill,” said Moore about her nearly $400 bill that had a looming disconnection date set for Dec. 27. She added, “Money is super tight. Gas bill, light bill, rent, car, food, it’s real tight. Two people at one time they came in together to pay their bill they stood there for about five minutes literally just crying for joy." Moore didn't even know that it was McAfee playing Santa Claus to these families to keep their homes' lights on. But being a longtime Colts fans, she said that she's an even bigger fan of McAfee, whom she'll be cheering on much louder for now during the team's games.

Now that's truly "footing" the bill as a kicker.