The Cowboys are 8-1 and are riding high since the emergence of rookie quarterback Dak Prescott. So where does this leave Tony Romo?

Romo has reportedly decided to be a team player and accept a second-string role on America's Team, and stated that Prescott has "earned the right" to become the team's starting quarterback.

He seems to have accepted that there's more that he can contribute as an adviser to Prescott than attempting to regain his position at the risk breaking down his body more than it already has.

The veteran Cowboys quarterback suffered a back injury that has sidelined him since the preseason. Jerry Jones really wanted to put Romo back as their starter, and even at one point refused to put Romo on the injured reserve list because he thought his starter would have a speedy recovery. However, Romo's sub had a hot hand and has put the Cowboys on top of their division.

Romo also admitted that this has been "the darkest it's ever been" for him playing on the team.

And there's nothing for Tony to pout about here. We can compare this scenario to 15 years ago when Brady was the backup to the Patriots starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe. When Bledsoe went down with an injury in 2001, Brady replaced him as the starter and led them to a Super Bowl victory. So Romo has seen this movie before, and knows this is not the time to let his ego stifle the team's success.