Dak Prescott shouldn't be the Cowboys QB and definitely wasn't supposed to beat Tom Brady's mark for the most pass attempts to start a career without throwing a pick. But injuries over the summer, most notably to Tony Romo, elevated the fourth round draft pick out of Mississippi State to one of the most high profile jobs in all of sports. And all he's done is lead Dallas to a 5-1 record, looking like a veteran rather than a rookie. Just don't expect Prescott to start patting himself on the back. 

The humble and team-first 23-year-old would rather give praise to his coaches and teammates—including one fellow rookie who is carving up defenses—or spend a few minutes talking about how he teamed up with Buffalo Wild Wings to help refurbish a local football field with the Grand Prairie, Texas Boys & Girls Club than himself. So when we caught up with Prescott earlier this week, fresh off a win over the Packers at Lambeau Field, the QB opened up about his work away from the field, why he doesn't regret missing the Kanye West concert he had free tickets to, and why Ezekiel Elliott would be his choice for Offensive Rookie of the Year. 

(This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.)

Why did you partner with Buffalo Wild Wings and it’s Team Up for Kids program?
It’s a great cause just to help support the Boys & Girls Club. Our Buffalo Wild Wings got with our Boys & Girls Club here in Grand Prairie, Texas and went and renovated a field for them and did some things that were great. It was awesome to be a part of that.


What was the coolest part of that day?
Just going and meeting the kids and being able to grab some fans out of the local Buffalo Wild Wings and taking them back and allow the kids to run some football games and give the fans a taste of what we do on Sundays. I think the kids enjoyed it. I know I enjoyed it.

We’ll transition to football: You’re 5-1 after beating Green Bay Sunday and as a rookie you're setting the NFL on fire. No one expected that—how are you making it look so easy?
It’s just a credit to my teammates and my coaches. Everybody around me is allowing me to go out there and be myself and play this amazing game of football. Coaches are calling great plays, putting us in a great position. And when you’ve got an offensive line and running game like we have it allows the passing game to open up and let our playmakers on the outside do what they do best.

Are you tired of answering the questions about what’s going to happen when Tony Romo gets back?
It is what it is. I’m just trying to win games and give my team a chance, win as many as we can week in and week out.

What do you admire most about Tony?
Just how smart he is. He’s really another coach that’s helping me throughout the game with things to do, things to watch out for that can help me.

What’s been the best lesson or teaching moment that you’ve had with Tony?
There’s been a lot. Tony helps me on and off the field in many ways. So there’s not just one I can pinpoint. I’m definitely grateful for his support and helping me out through this whole ordeal.

We saw you have a moment with Brett Favre during halftime Sunday. We know you went to Mississippi State and Favre is obviously from Mississippi, was that the first time you’ve met him?
That was the first time I met him. That was pretty cool just coming out the second half and him walking off from him getting honored there and him just shaking my hand and telling me how proud he was of me and keep doing what I’m doing.

Dak Prescott Brett Favre Cowboys Packers 2016 Lambeau Field
Image via USA Today Sports/Mike De Sisti


Did you seek him out or did you two just happen to cross paths?
We just happened to cross paths. We were running out and he was walking around and we just kind of ran into each other. It was great to meet him.

Did you get a little star struck?
Nah. I don’t really get star struck. I’ve never kind of been that guy and I had a whole second half to worry about going out there and winning.

You turned down free tickets to the Kanye concert in Dallas Sept. 22. Do you regret not going?
Not at all. It’s just how important this game is to me each and every day and that includes practice which translates to Sundays.

You signed with Adidas so how many pairs of Yeezys do you have?
I think I’ve got them all.

Have your teammates been hitting you up for a connect?
Yeah they have and I just tell them to sign with Adidas and they can get them. [Laughs.]

I know your aunt helped decorate your apartment, so I’m wondering if she told you where she thinks you should put your Rookie of the Year trophy at the end of the season?
Nah, I mean I think we’ll put that in Ezekiel Elliott’s house for now. I mean, that’s not anything we’re worried about right now. We’re just worried about winning and I know Zeke thinks the same way I do. We’re just excited to be a part of this great organization and just being able to go out there and play this game. We want the goal at the end of the year. We’re not looking for personal accolades.