It's no secret that NBA referees are just not good at calling travel violations anymore, and have not been for many years now. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was fined $25,000 for his harsh critique of the league's referees who turn a blind eye to these types of violations during games. 

This fine stems from Kerr's rant on San Francisco sports talk radio station KNBR 680 AM last Thursday (Nov. 17). Kerr detailed how the lack of traveling calls are rampant during games, and even claimed that he could create his own "blooper reel" of the travels calls missed. He went even further to rhetorically ask if 1000 fans at the games spot traveling on the visiting team, then how do the three professionally trained officials not see this happen when they have the closest views of the game in the entire arena?

Kerr stated, per CSN Bay Area's transcription:

“How is it that everybody on Earth can see these traveling violations except for the three people that we pay to do the job? I don’t get it. It’s bizarre. It’s [traveling] a point of emphasis on one particular play and that’s when you catch and go … it’s just the one that the officials are taught to see."

“But I can literally put together a blooper reel of plays that are embarrassing travels that are just not called. I believe it’s a case of they have so many things to look at — they are looking at defensive three seconds, the contact in the lane when people are cutting through the lane, they’re looking at the charge and block circle — they’re looking at everything except what they should be looking at which is the basic rule of the game, which is traveling.”

"And it’s a shame because guys are getting away with murder out there and the fans see it. My favorite is when you see the visiting team travel and you see like a 1,000 fans in the background all doing the traveling signal with their hands. If those people saw it, how come the refs didn’t?”

Kerr should know this by now even though he's accurate about how the league's officials just let travel and several other calls fall by the wayside during games, just don't complain about it if you're an NBA player or a coach. It will only hurt your wallet in the end.

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