Chargers guard D.J. Fluker was part of an offensive line that paved the way for running back Melvin Gordon to run for 196 yards against the Titans on Sunday. And as if that wasn't impressive enough, Fluker did his job despite losing vision in his right eye after sustaining a nasty bug bite during the game.

The bite caused Fluker's eye to swell up so much that it closed almost completely midway through the game. But depth perception or no depth perception, the 25-year-old Fluker continued to open up holes for Gordon and help the Chargers put up 43 points en route to a victory. Afterwards, Fluker's agent Deryk Gilmore shared a photo of Fluker's eye with NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, and...yuck:

Damn, dude.

Fluker also spoke about his eye with the media after the game, but for the sake of all those poor reporters, he covered his eye up with a large cotton swab when he did it. "I tried to close my eye and play," Fluker said. "I’m kind of looking out of my right eye a little bit, what I could see, but that was kind of it...Footwork and hands. Footwork and knowing where to be at the right time. That’s all it was." He also added that his vision was "terrible," though you probably could have figured that out for yourself after looking at the photo above.

It's unclear if Fluker will be forced to miss any time as a result of the bug bite. But if he was able to play on Sunday, something tells us he'll be out there next weekend when San Diego takes on the Dolphins.

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