One thing that D'Angelo Russell is probably incapable of shaking off anytime soon is the label as a snitch. If you need a refresher, Brandon Jennings saddled Russell with that label last month over Russell's role in the Nick Young/Iggy Azalea drama

So when the Lakers faced the Kings on Thursday in Sacramento, there was surely going to be one fan that had to revisit that moment. Plus, since the presidential election is still very fresh in all of our minds, the fan figured he might as well make the joke topical.

In the clip above, you'll see this pesky Kings fan hold up a sign that says "D'ANGELO LEAKED HILLARY'S EMAIL," which suggested that he ratted her to the FBI out just like he did to Nick Young about cheating on his ex-fiancee Iggy Azaelea. Russell seemingly didn't like the sight of that sign, and you will notice him bark (inaudible but incredibly visible in the video) to "suck my dick" in response.

Russell's response made the Kings fan giggle with glee. He even commented on his Facebook account about the exchange between him and Rusell below:

So last night I get a chance to attend the Kings vs. Lakers game at the beautiful new Golden 1 Center. Thanks to a close friend our seats were right next to the Lakers bench. So of course we get in a little old fashion heckling on D’angelo Russell because frankly he deserves it. So I make this sign “D’angelo leaked Hillary’s emails” and start showing it around. Get a laugh from Metta Worldpeace, a thumbs up from Matt Barnes. But then I get D’angelo walking out of the tunnel with the sign where he turns directly at me, looks in my face and yells “suck my d*ck” (volume up on video). Classic style. Then to make it even better, D’angelo went on to show his true snitch colors by telling on me to Kings security, saying I was antagonizing him and that my sign was “derogatory”. Never change D’angelo #sacramentoproud #kingsnation #stopsnitchin

Maybe Russell didn't like this joke because he voted for Hillary, and we all know that outcome by now. Or perhaps he just believes it's a new season and he wants news about his past mishaps gone forever.