Did you fall asleep before the end of the Seahawks/Cardinals game on Sunday night? Or better yet, did you make the decision not to bother watching the game in the first place? If so, consider yourself lucky. Because while the game did go to overtime, which might make it seem like it was a nail-biter, it ended in a 6-6 tie and was easily one of the worst NFL games so far this season—and quite possibly one of the worst NFL games ever.

What made it so bad? Well, as the final score would indicate, both teams were awful on the offensive side of the ball. Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer threw for 342 yards and running back David Johnson ran for 113 yards, which helped Arizona control the football for more than 46 minutes during the game. But the Cardinals failed to move the ball deep into Seahawks' territory throughout the game and had two terrible special teams blunders during regulation—a blocked field goal in the first half and a blocked punt in the second—that allowed Seattle to stay in the game. And the Seahawks need both of those blunders to even have a chance to keep the game close since they struggled to get first downs all night long. Russell Wilson finished with a respectable 225 yards passing, but the Seahawks’ offense never really got going against the tough Cardinals’ defense.

And while those things would have simply made the game forgettable once it was over, what put it into the "worst game ever" conversation was the way it ended. Both teams started overtime by driving right down the field and kicking field goals (finally, some offense!). But then, with the game in sudden death, fans were forced to sit and watch as kickers for both teams turned the contest into a travesty. First, the Cardinals drove the ball all the way down to the 1-yard line—only to see kicker Chandler Catanzaro miss an easy chip-shot field goal from 24 yards out. Then, the Seahawks responded by driving down inside the 10-yard line—only to see their kicker Stephen Hauschka do the same exact thing as Catanzaro and miss a field goal from 24 yards out with less than 10 seconds left in OT. Un-freaking-believable.

Those who managed to make it through all 75 minutes of the game couldn’t believe what they had seen. The putrid offensive performances of both teams would have been one thing. But the fact that the game ended in a 6-6 tie was too much for most people to take, and they responded by bitching and complaining about wasting hours of their lives for nothing. Here’s how fans reacted to watching one of the worst NFL games they had ever seen:

This guy may have put it best:

So, so, so, so, so, so, sooooooo bad.