Former Panthers wide receiver Rae Carruth is projected to be released from a minimum-security prison in Columbia, North Carolina on October 22, 2018. When that day comes, Carruth's son Chancellor Lee Adams, and his grandmother, Saundra, want to see him, so they can get some things off their chest, according to an article published Friday in the Charlotte Observer.

On November 16, 1999, Carruth's girlfriend, Cherica Adams, who was eight months pregnant with Chancellor at the time, was shot four times by a man hired by Rae. Cherica was rushed to the hospital and fell into a coma. Doctors conducted an emergency C-section to deliver the baby boy. However, he has cerebral palsy and brain damage as a result of the incident. One month later, Cherica passed away and Carruth turned himself in. Rae was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, and sentenced to 18 to 24 years. 

When Cherica revealed to Rae that she was pregnant with Chancellor, Carruth, who was still in college, didn't want to be financially responsible for his second child, and advised her to have an abortion. After Cherica told Carruth that she planned to keep the child, the two didn't speak to one another for quite some time. That is, until the former NFL wideout reached out and asked to out to see a movie on November 16, 1999. 

Nowadays, Saundra dedicates everything she has towards Chancellor's development. And, when that day comes where they meet Rae, Saundra wants her grandson to know that he is loved even if his father rejects him. “What I will not let it do is make Chancellor feel like he is unloved,” she told the Observer. “So whether [Rae] accepts him or he rejects him, I will already be grooming Chancellor ahead of time that his actions mean nothing as far as how you are loved."

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