Following Tuesday's wild-card game between the Toronto Blue Jays and Baltimore Orioles, Major League Baseball is trying to eliminate beer cans at Rogers Centre. The move is due to a fan's attempt at disrupting play during the intense AL wild-card affair. Now ID'd as a journalist, Ken Pagan threw a beer can at a Baltimore outfielder, and then quickly ghosted before police arrived in his section. After being unable to locate the fan, Blue Jays reps and Toronto Police posted a pic of their suspect, which eventually led to Pagan hiring a lawyer and phoning authorities himself.

The whole thing was pretty much a big mess, and you can watch our recap of the incident below.

This is far from the first time beer has become a hassle at Rogers Centre. Last year, cans and debris were chucked onto the field during a Blue Jays game against the Texas Rangers. There was also a wild ball that knocked a beverage onto a baby in 2015. As the Associated Press reports, these events have made Major League Baseball work to ban beer cans at the Toronto venue altogether.

Before everyone looses their minds over this, fans would still be able to consume drinks in plastic cups. Which honestly, does sound worse. Regardless, there has yet to be confirmation of the ban, and Blue Jays officials are said to be "openly discussing" the move.