During an interview with Complex UK back in January, Patrick Patterson revealed that, as a result of the Drake/Meek Mill beef, Meek Mill's music had been banned from the Raptors' locker room. It made sense seeing as how Drake is the team's Global Ambassador and is tight with most of the guys on the team. "Meek Mill has been banned for a long time," Patterson said. "No one plays Meek Mill."

It seems that ban has been lifted, though. The Drake/Meek Mill beef isn't over—when will it end?—but TMZ Sports caught up with Patterson this week, and he revealed that Meek Mill's music is booming through the Raptors locker room speakers again. He said that the team's star Kyle Lowry, who is from Philadelphia, reintroduced Meek Mill's music to the team. "Oh yeah, we do," he said, when asked if the team ever listens to Meek Mill. "You seem to forget we have a guy from Philadelphia on the team. Yeah, you got people from Philly, so people from Philly tend to play Philly music. Myself, I still listen to Meek Mill."

It's kind of unclear why the ban was lifted. Yes, Lowry is from Philly, but he was on the team last season, too, when the Raptors supposedly banned Meek Mill's music in the first place. So what changed? Maybe they realized they missed Meek's music—or maybe they're just as tired of the Drake/Meek beef as the rest of us and are ready to move on from it altogether.