Josh Norman is the latest pro athlete spotted with a ridiculous costume to laugh about. According to the Washington Post, the Redskins Pro Bowl cornerback wore a Dark Knight costume (because that's the persona he's adopted since his college days) with his four other costumed brothers, as seen in the photo above, at Norman's inaugural Starz 24 charity event Friday night at The Mansion in Washington D.C. The event's purpose was to benefit children of the Norman family's hometown of Greenwood, South Carolina.

Norman spoke about why he decided to have a costume party (besides the fact we are currently in October, duh!).

"Everything I can do towards that, putting my energy towards that outside of football, that’s what I like to do," Norman quipped. "That’s my passion and my dream. I feel like that’s why we’re here is to help out other people in life, and that’s what I’m here to do."

Also, Norman took this Halloween theme to the extreme at the gala. He posed as a mannequin in his Dark Knight body armor and cape, but wore the ubiquitous Scream mask and jumped out at unassuming guests and hilariously startled several of his guests upon their entry to the event.

Norman explained about his antics at the charity event, "We get to let our hair down a little bit, man, and have fun." He added, "It don’t have to be a monotony of work all the time. We can come out, do something and give back to a great cause."

So where would you rank Norman's Dark Knight costume? You can compare his to other celebrity and  Halloween outfits here

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