Planning on enjoying your college or NFL football this weekend with a side of wings? Then DON'T READ THIS STORY.

Packers tight end Jared Cook hit up a Buffalo Wild Wings on Tuesday and ordered a plate of wings. But when his order arrived, he discovered that he actually got way more than he bargained for. Buried in his wings was a cooked chicken head that he showed off on Twitter on Friday morning:

Cook’s former Rams teammate Chris Long inquired about the disgusting discovery, and Cook confirmed that his photo was 100 percent legit. "Tongue, eyes, and beak all present," he wrote. "With extra seasoning."

Um, yuck. Cook also revealed that he (obviously!) complained about the chicken head ending up in his meal. And while it earned him an apology, it doesn't sound like anyone at B-Dubs was that surprised to see the chicken head show up in his wings. According to the person he spoke with, it seems to happen more often than you might think:

Finding a cooked chicken head in a plate of wings isn’t quite as bad as finding, say, a fried rat in what's supposed to be an order of chicken. But still. Soooo gross.