UPDATED 09/20/16 3:50 p.m. ET: Rats are once again having a bit of a moment. But this new wave of rat publicity isn't relying on lame pizza stunts or ill-advised attempts at living inside a bottle of soda. Rats have since moved on to far more sophisticated activities, such as starring in Morgan Spurlock movies and GETTING THEIR FUCKING HEADS DEEP FRIED AT POPEYES. Well, allegedly.

A woman simply out for a family meal Sunday with her sister, daughter, and niece shared a photo on Facebook purporting to show a dismembered rat head fried to crispy imperfection in the same batter used for other non-rat animals, i.e. chicken. Rosemary Thomas reportedly discovered the fried head at a Popeyes in Harlem, as first reported by DNA Info Monday. "This is clearly a rat and they have the nerve to have a 5 rating by the department of health [sic]," Thomas wrote on Facebook.

A spokesperson for Popeyes told DNA Info they were currently in the process of reaching out to the respective franchise owner for more information, adding that incidents of this nature often result in one simple explanation: chicken organs. At the time of publication, Popeyes and Thomas had not immediately responded to Complex's request for comment.

But, hey, at least we have random people on Twitter taking this case of alleged fried rat into their own hands:

Others are getting a bit more specific with their theories:

In a statement to DNA Info Tuesday, New York attorney Paul Ajlouny revealed that he would now be representing Thomas. A press conference with the family has been scheduled for Thursday, at which point more information will be made available. "We're going to allow them to take a part of the body to test it, but what are they are going to find?" Ajlouny said. "It's a rat. There's nothing to test. There's a head, arm, legs and tail." Popeyes, however, has expressed confidence in their belief that the offending meat did indeed belong to a chicken.

But anyway. What's everyone doing for dinner tonight?