If Bobby Knight once made Michael Jordan, the most feared competitor in NBA history, cry after yelling at him, then he can make anyone's tear ducts well up. Especially if he reportedly once brought a shotgun to practice. Knight was absolutely nuts. Speaking of which, he allegedly grabbed his players by their gonads to instill fear in them. 

One of Knight's former players at Indiana from the 1987 Hoosier championship team, Todd Jadlow, can vouch for the latter as a form of abuse (or "discipline") from Knight to test his players' mental stamina during practice. And that's not all that Jadlow claimed to have experienced from the wrath of The General. 

In his new book Jadlow: On The Rebound, the former power forward opens up about a litany of "discipline" tactics that were abusive AF. Jadlow explains in the clip above tha the parameters of player abuse were much different back in the mid-to-late ’80s, and Knight saw no limits.

For a rundown of allegations in the book about his time playing for Knight, here you go (via WHTR):

  • Knight had a habit of grabbing players' testicles and squeezing them really hard.
  • Knight punched Jadlow in the back of the head when they did a walkthrough practice before an NCAA Tournament game versus Seton Hall.
  • In a 1989 game against Louisville, Knight smashed a clipboard over Jadlow’s dome.
  • Following an NIT game in New York City, Knight furiously dug his hands Jadlow’s sides to the point that he left bruises, and has a picture to show the alleged bruises.
  • Knight often called former player Daryl Thomas a "(bleeping) p***y " and had once ordered the team managers to decorate Thomas’ locker with photos of female genitalia. To add, Knight found it tongue-in-check to hurl tampons at Thomas, who Jadlow claims was by far Knight's whipping boy who got it the worst compared to his teammates.
  • Following their memorable loss to Cleveland State in the 1986 NCAA Tournament, Knight destroyed the plane and uncontrollably grabbed and shook Thomas by the neck.
  • Knight made Dean Garrett and Keith Smart to run sprints for several hours of sprints while barking like dogs because he said they were “playing like (bleeping) dogs.”

Jadlow even stated, "If he did those things today, (Knight) would be in jail." Umm, yeah. It ain't hard to tell.