According to one of his former players, head coach Bob Knight once brought a gun into an Indiana Hoosiers' practice. While on Barstool Sports' Pardon My Take podcast, host Big Cat asked Dan Dakich to reveal the craziest thing Knight did to motivate his guys and the answer didn't disappoint. “People said before I got there that he took a dump on a chair and showed it to the team in the middle of the locker room,” Dakich remembers. “I can’t verify that. I wasn’t there. But he brought a gun to practice once. He brought a shotgun." 

“If normal people bring a shotgun to practice, they’re not normal. He’s waving it around and we don’t know if it’s loaded or not," he recalls. "So everybody’s kind of ducking as that shotgun is spinning around, you almost see the wave in reverse. Everybody’s going down because it’s Bobby Knight in practice. Nothing good happens there, man. So that stuck with me forever. This dude’s got a gun at practice. Holy hell."

For someone like the chair-tossingplayer-choking Knight, this is some really crazy behavior. 

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[via Larry Brown Sports]