From the guy who has given you a museum dedicated to himself, and a statue funded by the Real Madrid star striker comes his latest self-centered project: the Pestana CR7 Lisboa. Located in Lisbon, Portugal, the 82-room hotel ranges in prices from €200 to €1,250 per night. The most expensive room is the rooftop CR7 suite, which comes with a 48'' HD television, a PlayStation 4, virtual reality glasses, LED lighting in the showers, and what would a place built to Cristiano Ronaldo's specifications be without cardio workout equipment.   

The Pestana CR7 Lisboa is the second of four locations in a $69 million investment from Ronaldo, which is meant to give its visitors the "CR7 experience," according to the hotel's website

The CR7 experience begins as soon as guests step in the lobby from the animated screens in the lifts that explore Cristiano Ronaldo’s life story to the surround sound sensors in the staircases which project the sounds of cheering fans in a football stadium. In the rooms, the world of sports continues with a detailed sequence of seven footsteps on the carpets that replicated the real sprint of Ronaldo.

These hotels are all part of Cristiano's plan for life after the game of soccer. "Life is not just about football," Ronaldo said, per ESPN FC. "Although football is my grand passion, I must start to think about the future. I don't have many years left, about 10 more or less, so I must look to the future."

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