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Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert had a dispute with a mechanic recently, and according to the auto shop he worked with, he ended up settling it in a very petty—but very satisfying—way by paying his entire $3,900 bill in coins.

On Tuesday, Tolbert took to his Instagram account to post a message/warning to anybody in the Charlotte, North Carolina area looking to have work done on their car and advised them not to use a company called Motion Lab Tuning. The reason? Tolbert claimed the business took more than two months longer than expected to do a motor swap on one of his cars and also tried to shake him down for more money than they originally quoted him because he's "a millionaire." Here's the post he put up:

On Wednesday, Motion Lab Tuning responded with a social media message of their own. In a post published on Facebook, the shop said that working with Tolbert was a "major disappointment" and alleged that he tried to get them to "do work for free" because he plays for the Panthers. The shop also said that the cops were notified after Tolbert and a friend allegedly accused the owner of the shop. Tolbert was reportedly asked to stay away from the property by police, and while he did pay off the full amount that he owed to the auto shop, he apparently did it by dropping off $3,900 in coins. You can read the Facebook message here:

Whether this is a case of an entitled athlete asking for too much from a local business or a shady mechanic trying to screw over a rich customer remains to be seen. But either way, we wouldn't expect Tolbert to bring his ride back to that particular shop anytime soon.