The Columbus City Attorney’s Office says they will not pursue domestic violence charges against Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. Two months ago, Elliott's ​ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson accused the Cowboys rookie of assaulting her on five separate occasions between July 15 and July 22. However, after reviewing evidence provided by Thompson, which included text messages exchanged between the two, and photos of visible injuries, as well as affidavits and photographs from Elliott's legal team, prosecutors decided to not file charges "due to conflicting and inconsistent information across all incidents." 

After news of the domestic violence accusation surfaced, Elliott's father Stacy said his son "has done nothing wrong," and was "confident that when the truth comes to light it will reveal the falsity of these claims." When it was revealed that the Columbus City Attorney’s Office wouldn't pursue charges against the Cowboys rookie running back, Stacy responded on Twitter, saying that if his son "violated one of OUR core values, I personally would have had him charged." 

According to ESPN's Ed Werder, Elliott is still under review by the NFL, and could possibly face disciplinary actions. Even if a player isn't charged with a crime, they could still receive some sort of punishment from the league office. No word on if or when Ezekiel will hear from the league. 

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