There are a lot of people buying Colin Kaepernick jerseys right now. While there are still many people who are upset with the 49ers quarterback for refusing to stand during the national anthem prior to preseason games, there are also many who want to show their support for him by snatching up his jersey. So many that Kaepernick currently has the highest-selling jersey in the entire NFL. It’s a far cry from earlier this year when the 49ers temporarily removed Kaepernick’s jersey from their team store after rumors started to swirl about the team possibly parting ways with him following the hire of new head coach Chip Kelly.

Outside of fans buying his jersey, there have also been several prominent celebrities who have gotten in on the action and purchased Kaepernick’s No. 7 jersey. One is J. Cole:

Trey Songz is another:

And most recently, NBA player Jabari Parker lent his support by posting this on Instagram:

Kaepernick is thankful for everyone who has spent their hard-earned money on his jersey, and he put up an IG post of his own early Wednesday morning to prove it. In doing so, he also let the world know that he plans on donating the profits he makes from his jersey sales to good causes:

Whether you agree with what Kaepernick is doing right now or not, it's great to see that his recent jersey sales are going to help make a difference.