College football bloopers made by top-tier teams may cause you to tentatively feel like they're overrated. Clemson, the No. 2-ranked team in the nation representing the elite SEC conference, played mid-major school Troy on Saturday, and this play proves that no team should be exempt from making bonehead moments.

During the second quarter, Tigers wide receiver Ray-Ray McCloud made a 75-yard punt return and everyone thought it was a touchdown. In the clip above, you see the fans cheer McCloud on after he broke four tackles to get towards the end zone.

But if you watch closely on the replay below, you will see that McCloud actually celebrated too early when he tossed the ball just short of crossing the plane to seal the touchdown. It wasn't totally in, and he had the whole stadium and even the ACC Network cameramen fooled.

The touchdown was recalled by the officials, and Troy was given a touchback as a result of the blunder. Plays like this tend to happen once per season, and they are always pretty funny to watch. It's like one of those old Disney cartoons of Goofy playing football. But this play-by-play commentary from a crazy Troy Trojans fan is even more hilarious to watch. Hey, we all do this at home while watching our favorite teams, right? We just don't always put it up on YouTube like this guy did.

After only leading by just three points at halftime 13-10, Clemson extended their lead 27-10 in the fourth quarter. But the Trojans stormed back, yet the Tigers staved them off after Clemson caught an onside kick. Many fans anticipate they will be back in the playoff hunt this December. Last season's national championship runner-ups seemed to have their collective mind attuned with little distractions when they banned the team from using social media, and seemed focused. But hopefully they don't have too many other throwaways like McCloud did right before the goal line.

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