Being an college student-athlete takes many personal sacrifices. There may be mandated study hall sessions due to a preferred lack of class time from many practice and away game travel demands. And on many occasions, college student-athletes may not be able to join their buddies for games of beer pong, nor getting turnt up in the club on Friday nights because of Saturday morning walk-throughs for game day.

If you are on the Clemson football team, social media is a major sacrifice that you have to deal with all season long. That means no selfies on Instagram, no tweeting, no Snapchat to send photos nor ten-second videos to girls their hollering at, and no Facebook replies to comments on their wall posts because those are disallowed as well.

The ban has been in effect since August 3rd,  and this has been annually part of the team's protocol for several years now. Team standouts like Eric Mac Lain and D.J. Reader admitted, respectively, that "a big part of my life has been removed,"  and "that's how is how I get most of my information about the world."  Mac Lain tweeted this on the last day of his allowed access like he was getting ready to be a castaway on a remote island:

Reader tweeted on August 3rd as well:

If this gets the team focused on winning the 2015 ACC championship and to a playoff game in January, then so be it as a great strategy by the coaching staff. But after all, they are still kids at heart, and they surely will still manage to find a way post things and delete their stuff.

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