Former Giants running back Tiki Barber—who currently co-hosts the CBS Sports Radio talk show Tiki and Tierney—agreed to sit down with CBS This Morning on Monday to share his thoughts on the Colin Kaepernick controversy. He spoke very briefly about why he believes the 49ers quarterback should have stood for the national anthem prior to a Packers/49ers preseason game in San Francisco on Friday night. You can watch his appearance on the show, which begins at the 1:08 mark of the video and concludes at the 1:23 mark, below:

"I agree with his desire to continue the narrative," Barber said. "There are issues in this country. That you have to commend him for. But I don’t commend him for sitting and not honoring this country and our flag."

Initially, Barber’s comments didn’t generate much of a reaction on social media. But on Tuesday morning, this tweet that CBS This Morning sent out on Monday started making the rounds:

And before long, Barber’s name replaced Jerry Rice’s name on Twitter’s U.S. Trends list with lots of people calling him out for the comments he made on CBS This Morning and bringing up his personal issues as evidence of why they believe he shouldn’t be allowed to criticize Kaepernick. Here’s just a sample of the criticism Barber faced:

One of Barber’s most prominent critics was former NFL player/current ESPN analyst Damien Woody who responded to the CBS This Morning tweet with this:

And it led to a brief back-and-forth between Barber and Woody on Twitter:

Barber later added this:

Even though controversy has been swirling about the Kaepernick situation for more than three days now, it’s clear that it’s not going to quiet down anytime soon.