Donald Trump is one impressive dude.

His hair has probably been scrutinized more than anyone else’s in the history of mankind. According to Forbes—though we don't know for sure since he refuses to release his tax returns—he's worth an incredible $4.5 billion. And, as he'll be the first to tell you, he's been responsible for the construction of many (many) beautiful buildings. But perhaps even more impressive has been Trump's ability to win a major party presidential nomination and the support of roughly half of America despite vomiting racist, sexist, and generally insensitive comments nearly every time he opens his mouth. Well done, Donald!

His recent call for Republicans to exercise their Second Amendment rights against Hillary Clinton (in plain language: assassinate her) and his statements about Barack Obama founding ISIS are just normal days at the office for The Donald. And while it may be difficult for many to envision a guy who once appeared in a Bobby Brown music video for the Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack as commander-in-chief, he does possess all of the characteristics and qualifications necessary to succeed as a top heel in the WWE. He’s a bully, he’s charismatic, he’s racially insensitive, he thirsts for power, his verbal onslaughts are legendary, and he's already taken a stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin himself at WrestleMania 23!

As a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, Donald Trump has more experience in the wrestling business than he does in politics. But sometimes, to paraphrase The Rock, Trump's mouth writes checks that his ass can't cash, and it's finally time for him to face the consequences. Ahead of this Sunday's SummerSlam, we decided to send Trump back into the squared circle one last time.