When does an NFL player know that it's finally time to hang up the cleats for good? Well, it depends. Sometimes, the decision is made for them by those individuals in the front office. Other times, injuries play a significant part. But, when it comes to Charles Woodson, he simply woke up one day and knew he was done.

During a recent interview on the Rich Eisen Show, Woodson revealed the exact day he knew that it was time to put his illustrious career to an end. "That was November 22, 2015. It was the morning of the Detroit Lions game," he said. "I woke up, and I knew I was done. That instant. I knew it was over. No more football." 

The most remarkable thing about Woodson's revelation is that, at the time, he was having his best season in four years. Woodson had the most interceptions (5) and pass deflections (9) since< the 2011="" campaign when="" he="" selected to="" his="" eighth="" pro="" bowl.="" ultimately,="" it="" came="" down="" the="" 39-year-old's="" passion="" for="" game,="" or="" lack="" thereof.="" "that="" morning,="" i="" woke="" up,="" we're="" in="" detroit,="" and="" it's="" snowing="" out="" there,"="" recalls.="" "i="" looked="" window,="" said="" myself,="" if="" they="" called="" my="" room="" right="" now,="" said,="" 'it's="" too="" bad,="" nobody="" can="" get="" stadium,="" game="" has="" been="" called,'="" would've="" perfectly="" fine="" with="" that."<="" p="">

Woodson went on to practice throughout the week, and play six more games knowing in his heart that he didn't have the desire to play anymore. 

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