Scandal: Alleged spousal rape, alleged domestic abuse
Status: WWE Legend

Alright, prepare to be horrified. The British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith, is a beloved icon of WWE thanks in part to his connection to the Hart family—he trained in Stu Hart’s famous Dungeon and married into the family by way of Stu’s daughter (and Bret and Owen’s sister), Diana Hart. In 2001, Diana wrote a book called “Under The Mat,” and it revealed some terrible dirt. Here’s an excerpt:

“Florida is where Davey starting drugging and raping me. Davey told me a Florida wrestler named Duke "The Dumpster" Droesse figured out how to make GHB liquid. The recipe is easy to obtain now, but in those days it was just coming into vogue.”

Here’s another excerpt:

“At the time all I knew was that unusual things were happening to me. I developed really bad hemorrhoids and woke up with my posterior burning and sore. I felt something had happened to me during the night, but couldn't understand what. I thought maybe I was losing my mind. Part of being married is being able to trust the person you are married to. I never dreamed Davey was slipping me this drug in my nightly glass of orange juice in order to violate me. It just never even occurred to me.”

And here’s one more:

“I bit my lip. “After taking the orange juice Davey gives me at night, I'll wake up in my bed and not remember how I got there. Davey tells me not to worry. He says, "I took care of you."
I covered my face in my hands. “And sometimes he'll say, “You were really cute last night." And I'll ask him, “What do you mean?" He'll answer, “Oh, you were really cute, you looked really pretty last night," almost as if we'd had incredible sex or something. But I have no idea what the heck he's talking about."

The book was later pulled from shelves, after Martha Hart, wife of the late Owen Hart, filed a lawsuit. Many members of the Hart family have come out against the book, calling it a pack of lies. Even Diana has distanced herself from it. But since Davey Boy is dead, she is the only one who can completely disavow it.

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