It’s been a rough day for Marcus Vick. Early Tuesday, Michael Vick’s younger brother made headlines after he accused Bills running back LeSean McCoy of giving his ex-girlfriend herpes. He used his Twitter account to make the wild accusation, and as of Tuesday afternoon, the tweets that he sent out have still not been deleted. And while he’s been trending for most of the day as a result of that, he’s also trending at the moment as a result of a video that TMZ Sports tracked down that shows Vick trying to run away from several cops before eventually getting arrested at gunpoint.

The chase actually took place back in April in Newport News, Va. when police approached Vick at a gym and questioned him about a warrant that he had out for his arrest. The warrant stemmed from a civil suit filed against him. According to TMZ Sports, Vick spoke with cops about the warrant for about 10 minutes before deciding that he was going to make a break for it. He pushed two cops out of his way, ran outside, and then used his speed to temporarily elude the police for several minutes. They eventually caught up with him, though, and arrested him at gunpoint while explaining to him that he made a big mistake by trying to flee the scene. He was later charged with assault, obstruction of justice, and resisting arrest.

You can watch the crazy video above. As we said, this clearly hasn’t been a great day for Vick.