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Kevin Durant is the 2016 version of The Decision with everyone speculating where he will take his talents for the next NBA season. After meeting with the Warriors, and claiming that he was "blown away" by the Clippers presentation to him on Friday, he flew to the East Coast for a meeting with the Celtics on Saturday.

But with so many pitches and stunts that are predictably coming out of the woodwork from the teams on KD's bucket list, there was no telling what Celtics GM Danny Ainge would have up his sleeve for their meeting in The Hamptons in Long Island.

The Celtics figured they should bring along the greatest athlete of this generation (Tom Brady) to represent Boston—or New England, of course—to assist them in their pitch meeting to Durant. That's due to their knowledge that KD has a fondness for Tom Brady, and once used an analogy about big men on the Thunder being tired out on defense in basketball games to that of the Patriots and Brady.

Also in attendance to the meeting were Celtic players Kelly Olynk and Marcurs Smart. In reaction to Ainge bringing out the big guns for the meeting, Reddit had some hilarious things to say about the four-time Super Bowl winning quarterback and future Hall of Famer to the table with Durant. One of them being a worthy question, "Where's Big Papi? Bring all of Boston in. Fuck it."

Let's see how this one plays out. After all, the Celtics even got the legendary deceased team member Reggie Lewis' mother to give the team her blessing to take his retired No. 35 down from the rafters if Durant decides to sign with Boston. They want him that desperately.

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