UPDATE (7/14/16):

You can now watch Tim Duncan's retirement interview here:

See original story below.

Did you catch Tim Duncan’s retirement interview on Wednesday? Probably not. Because rather than sitting down with ESPN, Fox Sports, or any number of other major media outlets, Duncan decided to hold his retirement interview on an online radio station called ViVid Streaming that was created by his close friend Rashidi Clenance.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you can stream the interview at this time if you missed it, but Quixem Ramirez of the San Antonio Express-News shared some of Duncan’s best quotes from the interview as it was going on. While speaking with Clenance, Duncan started things off by attempting to sum up his NBA career:

He then praised Gregg Popovich, the only NBA head coach he ever played for:

He touched on what it’s like to know that he made $239 million throughout the course of his career:

He mentioned that he didn’t watch ESPN at all on Monday after announcing his retirement:

He even joked about how he inadvertently "invented" the selfie during the 1997 NBA Draft:

If you’re confused by that last one, watch this:

And when it was all over, he signed off by thanking everyone who has followed his career:

This letter also popped up on the Spurs’ website when the interview was finished:

You can check out Ramirez’s Twitter feed if you want to see what else Duncan said during the interview, which lasted for more than an hour. It might be the last we hear from the NBA legend for a long time.