Johnny Manziel is about three weeks into his NFL comeback, and so far, things are going…well, not great.

The good news is that Manziel appears to be sticking to his plan to remain "completely sober." The Washington Post ran a long feature on him last Friday, and while he didn’t speak at length with the paper, he did reveal that he’s "doing well" and putting the "killer gym" in his house to good use in an effort to get himself back into shape. He also posted a cryptic video to Instagram on Monday and said, "I’ll be back," in the caption, which is obviously encouraging.

But according to a TMZ Sports report, Manziel is still finding ways to get himself into trouble. TMZ Sports reported Manziel attended a wedding at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Hawaii over the weekend and that, on the night before the wedding, the former Browns quarterback was involved in an altercation with a fellow wedding guest. A source told TMZ Sports that the guest "hounded" Manziel throughout the rehearsal dinner and that, at one point, Manziel "struck the other guy in the face." Manziel reportedly then sent the man a bottle of champagne the following morning along with a note that read, "Truly apologize. Should have never done that. Know this won’t make it better, but hope it starts the day off alright."

Manziel hasn’t released a statement about the alleged fistfight yet, but as TMZ Sports pointed out, he was spotted wearing a bandage on his right hand the morning after the fight reportedly took place:

If this TMZ Sports report turns out to be true, it actually wouldn’t be the worst news in the world for Manziel. He has certainly been accused of doing worse things over the last six months. But it would definitely serve as the latest speed bump on Manziel’s rocky road to recovery.