Floyd Mayweather took part in a long sit-down interview with Hollywood Unlocked recently that’s being rolled out in five different parts over the course of this week.

In Part 1 of the interview series, which was released on Monday, Mayweather scratched the surface by briefly discussing Nelly and his ex-girlfriend Miss Jackson (you remember all of their drama, right?) as well as his watches, his cars, and, of course, his money (we know, Mayweather talking about money—SHOCKING). You can watch Part 1 here:

On Tuesday, Part 2 was released and it starts right off with a pretty crazy revelation from Mayweather. In recent years, he has established relationships with Future and Young Thug. He has turned to Future for guidance for the young artists signed to his TMT music label, and he has spent time in the studio with Young Thug:

And according to him, both Future and Young Thug were originally going to sign with him as artists when they first got into the rap game. Mayweather was short on details, but he said both rappers were nearly TMT artists at one time.

"Future will tell you this. Future was supposed to be my artist first," he told the Hollywood Unlocked crew in Part 2 of his interview. "Young Thug was supposed to be my artist first. Things happen, but…"

Mayweather also went on to admit that, despite his interest in signing Future and Young Thug, he sometimes struggles to understand what they’re saying in their raps just like the rest of us.

"Future is a very, very good artist," he said. "I told Future one day. I was like, 'Sometimes, when I hear you guys, sometimes on the music, I don’t understand what you’re saying.' He said, 'Floyd, it’s the melody.' And I said, 'You know what? You have beautiful melody.'…A lot of times, I don’t know what they’re saying, but it’s new music and it’s great music."

You can watch Part 2 here:

Stay tuned for Parts 3 through 5 from Mayweather. You can also check out the excellent interview that Hollywood Unlocked did with Matt Barnes in June here.