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The LGBT's 46th annual Pride March in New York City on Sunday proved to be the biggest parade in U.S. history. Much support comes amid much tragedy and discourse regarding the Orlando massacre in early June, and the government's legislation regarding transgender bathroom laws across multiple states.

The NBA and WNBA, which are both based in New York City, both showed their support for the LBGT community and became the first two professional sports leagues ever have their own float in the parade. The NBA and WNBA respective commissioners Adam Silver and Lisa Borders were both present on the float, as well as NBA deputy commissioner Mark Tatum.

Silver and Tatum both sported #OrlandoUnited t-shirts to honor the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. Lisa Borders tweeted the following to show her support on behalf of the WNBA...

...while the NBA tweeted a picture of their float in the parade.

Another NBA representative on the league's float was Jason Collins, the first NBA player to openly admit his homosexuality during his career. Former WNBA player Sue Wicks, who announced she was a lesbian in 2002 during her active career with the New York Liberty, was also present on the joint NBA-WNBA float.